mistaken identity continues

Yesterday, as I was sitting here working on new features for the website, the phone started to ring. It was a man from Texas who was outraged at the slaughter of the sled dogs in British Columbia. I spoke to him for some time and explained that we are NOT the company responsible for this horrible act of cruelty. I directed him to Outdoor Adventures Whistler which is the company that the media has named and who we are being mistaken for.. I also explained that we are in Brant County, Ontario which is 4,397 kilometres away from Whistler, British Columbia. He apologized.

Later, I checked my email before shutting down the computer, only to find several more emails and attempts to post vile comments on this blog. When this first happened our staff received hundreds upon hundreds of nasty letters and phone calls from around the globe. Guam, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Germany, The United States, and Canada. Bryan and I have personally and very kindly responded, to each person no matter how cruel the words. We’ve spent considerable time doing so, since this first hit the news in late January. It stopped for awhile after we shut down a Facebook page that had our company and email listed as the perpetrators of this heinous act. Now it has started again.

I guess the reason I am writing this is out of anger and frustration. I’m angry about what happened to the dogs and I am frustrated that people use Google to find our site, and without reading to see if they have the right company, email us. The emails are far from nice. We’ve received threats of violence, wishes that we would die a slow horrible death from cancer, or that someone would slit our throats. I’ve learned a whole new vocabulary from people who have sworn at us in Italian, Spanish, and other languages.

It’s clear from our website that we are an article-based magazine. We don’t offer tours and we don’t have sled dogs. We never have.  There is only one canine on our staff; Thomson (the Shih Tzu who likes to go on hikes and ride in the canoe) and he is a perfectly pampered pooch—part of the family. The only thing he might find cruel around here would be an empty treat box and that has yet to happen.

We had a PRESS RELEASE on the site for weeks. The paragraph linking to it had big bold red letters explaining that we were NOT the company who did this and it clicked through to a full press release. It was even on our contact page so that it couldn’t be missed, yet people still emailed by the hundreds—not even reading what was on the screen in front of them. I can clearly see how wars happen. People get angry and act without thinking things through logically. We understand that people are angry what has happened to the sled dogs is truly reprehensible, to say the least.

While many of the people apologize, it doesn’t take away how the horrible, violent words make us feel. You can’t take words back and that is why it is important to think before you act.


Added on March 21, 2011… From this point forward, the staff at OAC will report any nasty emails to your internet service provider or email provider and if you are emailing from your place of employment, your employer.

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happy anniversary to us!

It is so amazing to me that our little e-zine, outdooradventurecanada.com is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. To kick things off, we’ve launched a brand new look for the website, a Facebook page, and we are even on Twitter. Oh, and I must not forget our new blog… you’re reading it now.

We’ll be posting on the blog from time to time. You’ll see everything from outdoorsy related things to posts about what some of our team is up to (charity races, trip reports, book signings, blunders, etc.). We might even give you a sneak preview of some of the gear we are reviewing. We even plan to have some guest bloggers.

I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog and pop in on occasion to see what’s going on.


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