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Run Like a Mother Contest Winners!

We have our contest winners for the Run Like a Mother giveaway … Congratulations to Wendy and Terry.  Here are their stories:

Wendy L. from Alhambra, Alberta

Why I love running:

As a mother of three children running is the ideal activity to keep
physically and mentally well. It takes minimal effort and arranging to put
on the shoes an step out the door. Running burns off 100 calories every 10
minutes, clears your head, strengthens multiple muscle groups and keeps me
looking great.

As far as funny moments go my children understand that the only reason to
interrupt my run with a phone call to my cell is that they just had to phone
911 a moment ago.

Terry T. from Calgary Alberta

When I did my first half marathon with a bunch of friends we showed up to
the area where it started very early. We parked and settled into a Starbucks
for some breakfast and coffee. When we came out to get to the start line we
realized that our car wad parked on the race course and had been towed!
Luckily the impound lot was close by so we ran to it, got the car reparked
got our bibs and last minute gear and ran to the start. We arrived about 5
minutes after the last half marathon starters had crossed the start line.
Thank goodness for chips because I ran that half with my now husband and
made my goal of sub 2 hrs!

Thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned, there’s a rumor flying around Outdoor Adventure Canada that we will be hosting a similar contest in March 2012 for the sequel to Run Like a Mother.


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